The Orville: A Review (Mild Spoilers)

Unlike most of my counterparts, I never watch a great deal of The Simpsons when I was a kid. Besides the fact that my parents likely would have branded it as inappropriate for me, we also only had one television in the house, which was monopolized by my mother and father with the exception of a few hours on Saturday mornings for cartoons. But I as I got older and managed to acquire my own screen, I began watching the show and became enamoured with the concept of a more adult-themed animated show.

There’s just something hilarious about a cartoon that contains adult themes, swearing and comedy. This led to my interest in shows like Family Guy and American Dad. Without a doubt, these are two of my favourite shows and a big part of the reason behind this is the shows’ creator, Seth McFarlane. The man is not only a comedic genius but appears to have the ability to provide the majority of the voices for multiple characters in both shows. one of my associates named McFarlane as this generation’s Mel Blanc. For those who don’t know the name, Mel Blanc was an American voice actor who did all the voices for Looney Tunes.

That’s why when i recently became aware of a show created by Seth McFarlane called “The Orville,” I had to check it out. In summary, McFarlane plays an officer who catches his wife in bed with another man and goes through a divorce. His life takes a downward spiral for a couple of years until he manages to acquire command of his own ship. Then, because it’s a comedy and why not, McFarlane’s character discovers that his first officer is none other than the very ex-wife that caused his career to take a bad turn.

The show plays on sci-fi series such as Star Trek, using “Planetary Union” instead of “United Federation” but still has a varied crew of different species, all with their own comedic contributions and eccentricities. It’s a refreshing take on something that combines science fiction and comedy. It’s fun to see a starship crew using common, everyday language and act exactly as someone would today, all while being set sometime in the far future.

When watching the Orville, one can expect the same level of comedy and entertainment that people have come to expect from Seth McFarlane. The show currently has 3 seasons and has recently been added to Disney+, which is what has allowed me to enjoy it. There’s no word yet on whether there will be a season 4 but for anyone looking for an easy watch with a touch of comedy, the Orville is sure to deliver. ☯️


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